How Web Developers Can ‘Turn Off’

Many web developers are inflicted with a disease of sorts that can greatly hamper their ability to live both a productive and well-rounded life. This disease is known as being ‘always on’. These afflictions are made all the more worse by the fact that developers are constantly surrounded by media and gadgets that just allow them to be ‘always on’ for much longer portions of the day. But what’s so wrong with being ‘always on’ anyway? For one, you waste time looking at the same websites over and over; for two, your precious gadgets are taking away from your real life relationships. So, how can developers ‘turn off’?

No phone on ‘special occasions’
No one wants to try conducting a conversation with a person whose eyes are glued to their mobile phone screens. On those occasions where being sociable is expected, web developers need to turn their phones off, leave them at home or hand them over to someone who isn’t going to let them have it back until the end of the night. Whether it’s ‘date night’ with your significant other or your cousin’s wedding – no phones.
Close social media clients
Most web developers tend to leave their social media clients on all day, often times on their mobile phone AND on their computer. Whilst this doesn’t mean that you’re actively engaging with your Twitter feed or your Facebook newsfeed, it does mean that you are alerted to updates and distracted instantly. Try closing the clients and only check them three times a day – morning, lunchtime and just before you leave.
Have a full day off
Even though most workplaces are closed for the weekend, most web developers will still do some form of work on Saturdays and Sundays. This might involve work on side projects, or catching up on all the reading that you wanted to do during the week. Every weekend, however, you should make a commitment to taking yourself away from the computer for a full 24 hour period to give yourself a break.

And, finally, the number one way for web developers to ‘turn off’ is to seek help when they need it most. It is one thing to say that you won’t use your mobile phone at your niece’s Christening this weekend, that you’ll turn your Twitter client off and that you’ll take every Sunday off but it is a completely other thing to go through with it. Developers need to understand that they don’t have to do this alone – family and friends are always willing to help, as are professionals who can help wean you off technology.

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